Friday, March 11, 2016

Speaking of Procrastination

Babycakes  has been half potty trained

for months.

But there was NO WAY

I was going to start

potty training

in a "show ready" house,

so I decided to wait

until after the move.

And after the move,

I was busy unpacking

and arranging

and coming up with excuses

not to potty train.

Because I hate it.

Really, really hate it.

But his birthday was

creeping closer

and he was totally ready,

(even if I wasn't)

so we took the plunge last week.

And a day later

I was wondering what

the big deal was.

And a week later,

I am the potty training queen!

Done, no mess, no fuss

no puddles!

And I don't even care

that I am now forced to

match his superhero socks

to his superhero underpants!

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