Tuesday, November 24, 2015

And on the Way Home

This happened on our

way home from the apple orchard:
Mimi and I changed that tire!

We changed it like we knew what we were doing!

Because we followed the directions we found in the glove box.

Sadly, after we figured out the jack,

and got the flat tire off,

and figured out how to get the spare out,

and got that spare put on,

and tightened up the bolts,

and  lowered the car,

the spare was flat too! 

 No, I am not kidding!


a knight in shining armor,

and his lovely wife,

came just in time.

They not only ran the spare to the 

gas station,

but put it on for us. 


Now we can go home!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fall Fun

These are from "before".

I think my life will be sorted

that way

for a while.

We met our firends

at the berry patch

and apple orchard

for some fall fun.
 I really wanted this little man to

pick berries this fall,

as we are doing some very

slow Five in a Rowing

and Blueberries for Sal

is on the list!
 It's also part of a long list

of traditions

we are saying goodbye to.
 We're going to need

to find a new berry patch next year!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Moving Along!

Hubs finally,


done with his last job!

He's got a long weekend,

which is perfect timing,

as we have some handy man

work that needs done ASAP.

He'll do several weeks of training

in five cities,

and three states,

over the next few weeks.

Our house should be listed

by next week!

I'm excited,

but really nervous about

keeping the house

"show ready"

while living here,

with five kids,

and no husband!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It's odd that I should find

a positive among the negatives

of this situation.

I was contacted by the family

of Babycakes older brother.

We'd always heard they wanted no contact with us.

They were told the same about us.

They are MORE than eager

for the boys to meet,

and begin to build a relationship

 between our boys,

as brothers.

How odd that the losing of one brother

would bring the chance at a relationship

with another.

I am hoping we will have a chance

to visit with them in the future,

but for now, we are madly sending

pictures of our boys,

and sharing our grief

over the other brother we

both loved.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pushing Through

It's hard to get things done right now.

I feel a lot of pressure

to keep going with regular life,

and keep pushing to get the house ready,

but my thoughts turn regularly

to that baby.

 I'm thankful for the distractions

of kids,



job stuff,

stuff, stuff, stuff.

We are not going to the funeral.

Not only can I not stand

the drama for myself,

but it would be so very bad

for Babycakes.

So, I guess we just keep

pushing through.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I've written this post a dozen times,

And erased it.

I just don't know how to say it.

I don't know how to make it be not





Because it IS all those things.

Baby Brother,

Babkcakes little brother,

two and a half years old,

the one we had tried to adopt,

many times,

but couldn't,

died this week.

Yes, we are heart broken.

Yes, we know more,

but right now,

that is not our story to tell.

I know Mama E would covet any prayer

you felt led to give.

As for us,

my kiddos are hurting,

especially Mimi, who loves all babies,

and that baby especially.

And I can't fathom how

I will be able to explain this

to Babycakes,

not now

not in the future.

I have a slow, ongoing

leak of the eyes

and drip random tears throughout the day,

and a very heavy heart,

and a lot of questions

that I'm not sure I want the answers to.

We will miss you Baby Brother.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Interesting Things





First:  We still don't have a

"leave by" date,

which is making me nervous.

They are not going to let Hubs take his new job

until they have found a replacement.

It's too close to the holiday season

to leave a retail store without a captain,

so, we wait.

This isn't necessarily bad,

as it's giving me extra time to get the house ready,

but it will mean Hubs

will have to report to his new position

quite a while before we will be able to get there.

The kids and I will stay behind,

while he heads to our new "hometown"

to get started on his new job,

while we stay behind.

That means I will be single parenting

while getting the house ready,

and then trying to keep it show ready,

while living in it with kids who

are home all day,

every day.

The second:  We may be able

to take our foster care training

to a new agency once we are moved.

Since our training hours are so new,

less than a year,

and they use the same training program,

we might be able to apply them in our new state!

Now that would be wonderful!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes

Today was a git 'er done day.

We started actually putting stuff into boxes!

I've also started the give away pile,

which keeps growing.

Why do I have all this junk?!

I had a brilliant idea that everyone

should "pack" once a year,

and purge all that junk!

And then laughed at myself,

since I hate packing!

After that, I actually tackled those last few boxes I've been shuffling

around for the last year,

but never dealing with.

Procrastination has finally caught me,

and it's not pretty!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

NOW We Can start Packing!

The playroom is clean!

This is such a rare thing

I should have taken pictures!

We'll get started on boxing

this afternoon.

Sadly, I got an e-mail from our foster care worker.

That one thing, 

that we are loosing our foster license,

is causing me the most grief

about this move.

Why did we go through all that,

the classes,

background checks,


only to have to walk away?

I hope we'll find out someday!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Packing, the Pre Game

The very first thing I knew I

MUST do,  is pack up my sewing.

If I can turn to that joy,

instead of what I actually need to do,

the stuff I need to do

will never get started, 

not to mention finished!

So, after lovingly folding
every project,

and tucking it carefully into a box,

I took a look at ground zero

aka the playroom!
It will be first to go into boxes,

as we need that room to store the other boxes

we'll fill when getting the house ready to sell.

So, filled with dread, I wandered in.
We need to pick up before we can 

start the sorting 


and purging, 

and it's a mess!
Mac and I are tackling that

this afternoon!

Pray for safety!