Monday, March 14, 2016

Church Shopping

One of the things

I'm really hoping

to find here

is a racially diverse church.

I know how incredibly

important it is for Babycakes

to have black adults in his life.

I can raise him to be a

good man,

but I do not have the skills

to teach him how to be

a good black man.

It's been a surprising struggle!

I asked on some homeschool boards,

and attended the churches they suggested,

and wondered what those people

considered "racially diverse",

because they were a sea of white faces!

So, this week,

we attended a predominately black church.

It was really fun!

And really loud,

which was great,

because we like to rock out at church!

We still have a few more churches

lined up to visit,

but I think we'll be making

a return trip to this one!

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