Friday, October 25, 2013

Yikes! 7 Good Afternoon

Before you read this, I just want to let you know these were written as it happened, but not published.  I'll publish them in the same time frame as they occurred, but it's already over.  I  just don't want anyone praying and thinking about a done deal!

I sat at co-op all morning

feeling like a grenade with its pin pulled.

My phone rang,

several times,

but it wasn't them.

Once we were done, in the car and ready to drive home,

I texted our worker.

I just couldn't wait any more.

Had she heard anything?

She replied that they'd just left the office

and were on there way over with paperwork.

I REALLY wish we had more time to prepare!

We have some homestudy stuff to update,

and since they go through the federal government,

that could be a train wreck.

One agency says they're fine,

the other says expired.

I have no idea what they'll do with us if they are actually expired.

We can't move to Texas for months!!

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