Monday, March 25, 2013

Photo Op, No Tears

I'll admit it upfront,

I was super nervous about meeting baby brother.

Especially about holding him for the first time.

I did NOT want to burst into tears in front of Mama E,

and the whole wild world.

( I hate to cry in public!)

We picked them up and headed to our appointment,

to get some brother pictures taken.
(Meeting his baby brother!!!)

Big brother was GONZO hyper, and difficult to get photos of,

Babycakes is a active toddler, and difficult to get pictures of,

and Baby J is teeny tiny, and difficult......

you get it, right?

We did manage to get one good shot of each,

and one OK shot of the three together,

which was my goal!

But in the middle of the chaos, I got handed the baby,

so Mama E could chase her big boy.

and there I was, holding him!

When I actually realized the significance, and the fact that I wasn't crying,

I turned to Hubs, and said

"Look, I'm holding him and not....."

then my voice choked up.

But I took a deep breath and kept going!

I would LOVE to show you a picture, but for privacy reasons, I can't

But trust me, they looked very cute!

 I'll tell you about our hyper afternoon tomorrow!

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