Saturday, March 23, 2013

We're Here!

We flew to Texas yesterday.

We timed things exactly right,

Babycakes was ready for a nap just as the plane was supposed to be taking off,

woke happy and ready for a bottle a half hour before the plane was supposed to land.

Yeah, Your read that right.

I said supposed to.

It was late.

So instead, Babycakes slept on the floor of the airport, and woke happy and hungry just as it arrived.

Then he spent the flight jumping from my lap to daddy's

squealing happily the WHOLE TIME.

 The flight was looooooooooong!

Like, endlessly long.

And it had turbulence.

like I vomited for the first time in my life on a plane turbulence.


Between the squealing and the puking,

our seat neighbor did NOT enjoy having us sharing his row!

We finally arrived at our hotel at 11:30, and dropped, exhausted, into bed.

But today went fabulously!  I'll share more tomorrow!

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