Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cheese and Run

So after the pictures,

we headed to the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese for some lunch.

While I despise this location,

it's Big Brother's version of heaven,

and had been used as a bribe for him a million times  at the picture place,

as well as a good place to celebrate Babycake's birthday.

Mama E gave Babycakes a present.

It was the first thing he's ever received from her,

and I'm going to keep it forever!

Then Hubs chased Big Brother,

and chased,

and chased,

and Babycakes, Mama E and I had a nice visit.

And yes, I held Baby J some more,

and so did Hubs.

 After it was over, we both agreed that he simply felt like anybody's baby,

not ours.

And what a relief that was to both of us.

After we dropped Mama E and Co. off, we headed back to our hotel for some down time.

Poor Babycakes is exhausted form not getting any nap

and spent the afternoon and evening tantrum-ing in typical toddler fashion. 

I'm hoping a good night's sleep will set things right,

because we're back at it tomorrow!

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