Monday, December 10, 2012


We saw Santa today!

A friend invited us to an adoption group, and so I took Babycakes and went.

Mac joined in because his best buddy, and sometimes twin, was going too.

This is Mac's twin.

You can hardly tell them apart, right?

 Mac was super brave, and ran right up to chat.

That's new for him, as he's always been terrified of Santa before.

He told Santa he had a question, then asked...

if anyone in the room was on the naughty list


It seems someone might be a bit nervous about something!

It took all I had not to laugh, but he was super serious about it.

Santa graciously said that there was a kid there on the naughty list, but that he was willing to give them a second chance, but the better be good from now on!

Babycakes thought Mama was crazy to let this stranger hold him

I don't think you can tell, but I did comb coils in his hair this week,

and they came out SUPER cute!

He had all these boingy little ringlet curls all over his head,

and one especially enthusiastic one that kept standing up

right in the middle.

The kids said it was his antennae!

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