Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meeting Mama

We met Mama today.  She's just so cute!  Tiny, and friendly, and NICE.  We went to pick her up where she's staying, and took her to lunch, and she chatted lots.  Eventually, we figured out that she had nowhere to stay tonight, as her doc decided, last minute, that she should come in the morning instead of tonight.

We called our social worker, who wasn't available, and eventually got through to another one, and they decided she should stay in our hotel so we can take her to the hospital in the morning.  To be honest, that was scary to me.  Maybe a little TOO close for comfort?  I had decided that I didn't want her to meet my kids until after the paperwork was signed, and now she was moving in?

But, it worked out OK.  She met the kids, and Nana, but only for a bit.  Then Nana took them out, leaving just Hubs, Mama and I.  We talked for quite a while, then got her settled into her room for a nap.  I was glad to get to know her better, but very ready for a break after that long of a visit.

Hubs and I took her to dinner, and now we're heading to bed to get some sleep before our early morning.  Oh, and did I mention I'm going to go into the O.R. with her tomorrow, so I get to see baby being born?


Jill S. said...

What an exciting exciting day!!! So glad you got to be in the room with her!!

asian~treasures said...

Glad she's sweet!! What an answer to prayer!

Prayers for good rest for all of you!