Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Driving (Me Crazy?)

We drove a loooooooong way today.  My kiddos are used to driving to Nana's house, about seven hours, so when we hit that mark, Mac got the wiggles, and wanted out.  We took a break to play on an indoor playground, and he lasted another few hours.

We found a place to sleep, and I just wanted to crash.  Unfortunately, the hotel was hosting a dog show, and we heard dogs bark




We'll be at our destination tomorrow, and Nana will be meeting us there.  She's going to keep the kids busy while Hubs and I do what we need to do.

In a day, we'll meet Mama.

In a few short days, we'll see our baby!


Katie said...

Can't wait to meet your baby!! So glad that Nana is there to help entertain.

asian~treasures said...

Dogs??? Oh NO!
Prayed & prayed about your meeting with Mama...hope it was not quite as akward as a blind date. : )