Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baby Day!

Today was the big day! Well, big day one of two.

We got up very early, and drove across town in the fog. Mama got checked in and all hooked up to her gadgetry, then we waited for the doc to show up. He was, surprisingly, right on time. They wheeled Mama back to the O.R. While I put on scrubs. Yup, I got to be in the O.R.! After fifteen minutes or so, the nurse came and took me in. I sat in the traditional "dad spot", right by Mama's head.

It was like being in one of those delivering-a-baby shows on TV, but WAY more real. Mama was pretty drugged up, and kind of out of it. The doc pulled baby out, and I heard his tiny cry! The nurse came around and got me, and escorted me over to the baby, and OH...MY...WORD!  What an amazing thing to get to witness!  I started talking to him as tears ran down into my face mask.  What a miracle! 

After they took his vitals and slipped on his bracelet, then mine, and wrapped him up.  Then the nurse handed him to me. I carried him over to Mama, and held him so she could see him. She talked to him for quite a while, and then he needed to head to the nursery while they finished up her surgery.
 I held him tight as we walked towards the waiting area, where Hubs was sitting.  As soon as I saw him, he jumped up and came over, adding his tears to mine.  We carried baby into the nursery.  His nurse was amazing, and let us stand and ogle baby as long as we wanted.  She gave him a scrub, and his little curls fluffed right up!  My heart melted when she told us that she was an adoptive mama too!

We spent the rest of the day taking care of baby in Mama's room.  She held him quite a bit, and even had a visitor come see baby.  Once, as she was handing baby to me, she said "Go see your other mama.", and my heart sang!
My big kids had an adventure visiting the children's museum here, and highly recommend it, especially if you can bring your Nana along!  They are being SO patient as they wait to meet their new baby brother, and danced with glee when we brought back pictures and videos.


asian~treasures said...

Nothin' but tears here...fabulous way to start my morning! And, the nurse being an adoptive mommy...God was so gracious to put her in your path.

Congrats, Mommy, Daddy & Mama! He's absolutely precious. : )

Mommy-in-SC said...

How exciting!!

Praying for your family!

Katie said...

Hooray, congrats, yippee, woohoo, amen! What an absolute blessing for you to be able to witness his birth. That's a fabulous way to jump start the bonding. He is precious! God is so loving and faithful

Bethany said...

Tears of joy for you and your sweet new babe! Praying that all continues to go well for you and your family. What an awesome way to meet your newest!