Friday, March 23, 2012

Waiting Day

This should be titled sit-around-and-do-nothing-day, because that's what happened.

We got to the hospital at 9:30, and Mama was up, rocking baby and chatting on the phone.

She sat with baby until the nurse came to take him to get circumcised at 1:00.  I'm a bit irritated that she gets to be the one who chooses that for him.  She also gets to choose for him to get LOTS of immunizations.  I'm a big believer in delaying those, so it was REALLY hard not to jump in on that one.

After baby left, lots of social workers cam by to chat with her, and we were asked to leave.   We headed to the cafeteria for lunch, which was actually quite good.  So strange for a hospital cafeteria! 

When we headed back up, we took some snacks for Mama, who has been craving pickles, and a locket with spaces for her to put pictures of both her boys.  She was really touched by it!  We also brought baby's brother some gifts, but I doubt we will get to meet him.  She really wanted that to happen, and so did we, but it just keeps not happening.

Mama and I went for a little stroll while Hubs "babysat".  This was the only time either of us got to hold him all day.  I kept reminding myself that I get to hold him the rest of his life, and she only gets a few days.  I still wanted to snatch him up for a cuddle!  
In the afternoon, Mama needed to rest, so we headed back to our hotel to hang with our kiddos.  It feels like I've been away from them for DAYS!  I'm really missing being with them, and sad to be missing out on their adventures with Nana.

Tomorrow is signing day.  After 10ish in the morning, if all goes well, he's ours! 


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Sarah said...

I am very excited for you! I have been enjoying reading about your new little guy. I adopted our 4th son through foster care and I can relate to the long hours of waiting to sign! What if something happened? :). However, that wasn't God's plan and he's ours. It sounds like it's God's plan for him to be yours and I'm very happy for you.