Saturday, October 22, 2011

Critter Conundrum

Once upon a time, there was a darling, although admittedly quirky, family living in suburbia.  They just happened to be hosting two adorable baby garter snakes in an aquarium, as a nice learning opportunity for the children.  The even named them!  Severus Snake and Nagini.  Clever, eh?

One night, as the mama was on her way to bed, she decided to give the little wigglers some dinner.  She reached her hand in to remove them from their usual hiding spot.

To her surprise, they weren't there!  The mama, at first with mild surprise, then building up to panic, began searching the tank.

Either they'd turned invisible, or.....the great escape! 

The mama searched frantically, in her jammies, lightsaber in hand.  What?  Why a lightsaber?  Well, she couldn't find a flashlight.....and it they light up, OK?!

Back to the hunt, crawling and peering under every couch, shelf and fridge.  The lil stinkers were nowhere to be found!  The next morning the mama announced a bounty on the squirmy outlaws, and the hunt continued.

No luck.

Now that poor mama is lamenting.  How will she ever invite guests in again?  "Welcome to my home!  Please sit, can I get you a drink?  Oh, by the way, there are two baby snakes loose in my home.  If you see one, let me know, there's a big reward if you do...........What? You just remembered you need to be where?  Right now?   Oh.....Well, thanks for stopping by!"

The poor, poor mama!  First the squirrel, now snakes!  How do these things keep happening to, I mean them?


Diana said...


First of all, check the warmest places in the house. Near the hot water heater is a good bet.

Also, depending on how big they are - check their aquarium again. When Lucy was tiny, we thought she'd escaped again but she was just so tiny that we missed her in the search through the wood shavings.

And snakes are Houdinis in the making. You have to have a VERY well sealed aquarium. :)

Good luck on the search!

RaD said...

Oh. my. goodness. Have fun!

Ainsley said...

I second the comment about checking all of the warmest places in your house. Good luck!

Katie said...

sort of laughing at you, sort of laughing with you. honestly, it might be a laugh/cry mix. good look on your treasure hunt.