Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Reptile Revisit

Just thought you'd like to know.  Still no snakes. 

I've been peering under big objects with a flashlight (not a light saber).

The only benefit is that the floor underneath my fridge is spotless!


Diana said...

Poor things!

How cold is it there? I'm pretty sure Garters hibernate, so you may not see them for a while!

Sarah said...

Very funny. I do not "do" snakes. I "do" many different animals, but not snakes. At one point, my boys and I bred our 3 rats for a pet store and started out with 33 little buggers.

One mom escaped, and carried some into my couch... we thought we had found all of the babes, when that night, during movie time, they went scampering across the floor. My company did not find this funny. We ended up never finding two of them. I think they died in the couch.

My third one could escape from the cage and one night my husband woke to her running across his face... It was an adventure. Good luck on yours!