Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not Falling, Flying!

I got hit by a squirrel today.

Yes, you read that correctly, the squirrel hit ME.

It pretty much fell out of the sky.  Waaaaay up in the sky.

Onto my car.  As I drove it down the street.  The busiest  street in Who City.

I saw it plummeting out of the clear, blue sky, tiny arms and legs waiving well.... exactly like you'd imagine they'd wave if you fell out of the sky.  I swear I heard it screaming.

So I braked, gasping.  Then giggled...then laughed......then roared in uncontrolled hilarity as it landed gracefully on my windshield.

And slid off

And scampered away.

At that point I was laughing so hysterically that I could barely drive. 
 *swiped the pic from here.

 It's like I'm a chaos magnet or something.

Do these kind of things happen to you too?


The Zookeeper said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW LOVE THE PIC!!

asian~treasures said...

HA!!!!!!! Never been hit by a flyin squirrel, but I have been pooped on by a bird while walking. ICK!

Bethany said...

Oh. My. Word! That is hilarious. yeah you must be a magnet. I never read these stories anywhere besides here and Rachel's blog (once upon a miracle).