Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In the Closet

Well, it's that dreaded time again: The changing of the seasons.  The day I spend sitting in closets all over the house torturing kids by making them try on "just one more thing".  The day when I valiantly attempt to figure out what clothes I think will still fit next year so I can pack them up, and the ones I know won't fit to give away.  It's also the time when I see how well I did on my predictions from last spring.

This year I bombed on my predictions.  Mac completely skipped a size, and all the pants I bought on clearance last year are too short!  The girls are OK, only needing a few things.  And then there's Buddy.  That boy is determined to break the clothes budget!  Because he's got the legs of a young giraffe, his pants are impossible to find, and he needs a new size AGAIN! 

Anyone need some nice hand-me-down jeans 28W 36L?  They need a good home with another young giraffe boy.

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