Monday, September 19, 2011

Air Show

 Usually the fact that we live under the flight path of the airport in Who City is a bummer.  This weekend, it was a bonus!  We had the best seats in town for watching the airshow, and our seats came with cold drinks, flushing potties and squirt guns!
While we waited for this:
We did this!

And when one of these flew RIGHT over our house, it was amazing!

I think I see a new family tradition starting!

And that pink stuff in the tub?  It was a HUGE hit.  It's called H2Goo, and it's......well, it's goo.  The kids spent the whole afternoon, well, actually the whole morning too, playing with the ooze, scooping it, slipping around in it, having a great time in general.  And the clean up?  Hosed right off!  Great messy clean fun!

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