Tuesday, September 27, 2011

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So, last week we got our first profile call from our new agency.  That means they wanted to show our book to a mama.  We were feeling pretty impressed at how quickly we were showing, and of course we jumped at the chance to show.  Although we had a while until the reply-by date, we immediately sent back our eager answer.  The reply by date was a Friday, so I assumed they'd be showing books on Monday.

Monday came, and I spent the day checking my e-mail.  Every hour or so  in the morning, and more frequently as the afternoon went by.  By 5:00 we'd heard nothing, so I knew that meant we hadn't been picked.  I was a bit disappointed that our new agency had not let us know we were not picked.  One of the things I hated about our old agency was that they NEVER let us know we were not picked, leaving us wondering for daaaaaaaays.  Not knowing, then finding out a mama had picked days ago, but no one had bothered to tell us was unbelievably frustrating!

After the kids were in bad, Hubs and I had a chat about this experience, and our frustration with their lack of communication.  So Hubs decided he'd e-mail them just to let them know how we felt.  I dug through my e-mails and read the original one.  Then I read the reply-by date.  It was for NEXT WEEK!  Yup, went through the whole stressful mess for nothing.

And now we get to do it again next week!

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