Sunday, September 26, 2010

Say No To Snow!

I'm deep in denial that the season in changing, and my kids are suffering the consequence.  When I caught Princess wearing a jacket on her arms, and another on her legs, I finally gave in and dug out the bins full of fall and winter clothes.  After dragging them out from the dark cave that is our storage, I flipped open the first bin and was assaulted by viewing mittens, hats, scarves and snow pants.  I wanted to scream and push them all away!  I'm not ready for snow!!

Alas, I endured, and spent an hour piling the stuff that I hope will fit from last year, and the stuff I bought on clearance last spring, into piles.  I have exactly the right amount for Buddy, need to buy Mimi new pants, and Mac is a bit pants heavy.  But Princess?  Apparently I was planning on her finding a long lost twin, because she has enough clothes for at least two, maybe three. 

And now that I'm done piling, sorting, counting and sighing?  I saw the weather forecast for the week: high 70s to low 80s all week!  Yipee!


Staci said...

The same thing happened here-I pulled out all the sweaters and pants and it suddenly got warm again. The only difference is, I'm so ready for cool weather!

RaD said...

We never get snow here but there are times when I wish we did. We've had a coolish summer and just now are hitting 90's temps. So it's kinda strange to hear you say your preparing for winter when we haven't even really had summer here :)