Friday, September 24, 2010

Bye Bye Babies!

We took Becky's babies to the zoo today. When we walked into the bug building, the volunteer was holding....a hisser!  She said they were her favorite of all the bugs.  So we chatted a bit, and she shared that she'd asked the zoo if she could have a hisser, and they'd said no.  So, we gave her ours.  Yup, all of them!

Poor Becky is mourning now.  She's actually lonely, and isn't eating!  Who knew bugs had inner lives?


Jennifer said...

Ahhh bugs. We collect them daily. Right now we have a praying mantis and a large collection of grashoppers (all captured from our back yard). I don't mind... except for the Earwigs. Ewe!

That is great you support your daughter in her love of the buggies! Good mama!

TherExtras said...

Very funny and I can relate. My science teacher-Hubby used to have Madagascar Hissing Roaches, too. Sorry, I can't muster much sympathy for Becky....;)


Shmonae said...

blech....!!! haha
Was that a meaningful comment?? lol. sorry that is all I could get out!