Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanks for the Playmobil Jen!

My girls have been drooling over this doll house for years:

but it's just not in our toy budget.  So, when my friend Jen stumbled onto one, they squealed and asked to come over and play.  Jen was gracious enough to loan it to us, so the girls could hardly wait to start until....

Milo wouldn't let them!  Apparently he wants to be king of the fairy castle!  So the next day, still in jammies, akin to Christmas morning, the fun began:

And they've been playing all week!  I know there are blogger moms out there who review stuff for money and freebies, but I am not one of them.  When I say we love Playmobil, it's 'cause we do!  After going through 4 kids, one of whom (MAC) is hard on stuff, these things are well worth buying.  My parents still have my baby brother's set at their house, and he's 32!

Anyone wanna come over and play?

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