Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Katy No Pocket

We rowed Katie No Pocket this week. For you non-homeschoolers, that means we used our Five In A Row curriculum with the book Katie No Pocket by Emmy Payne. I found a site that has amazing pictures of animal mommies carrying their babies. It is absolutely adorable! We learned that kangaroos can jump up to 40 feet! And had a Katy themed lunch, which brings me to Muffin Tin Monday. This is a very cute idea where you "theme" a lunch and serve it in a muffin tin.  This was my first try, and it was totally fun!

In the story Katie needs a pocket to carry her baby, because she doesn't have one.  She asks all the other animals how they carry their babies and tries it their way, which doesn't work.  A wise owl send her to the city to get one, and a kind carpenter gives her an apron with many pockets, which she uses to not only carry her own baby, but all the other babies too.
We had pitas, for pockets of course, mommy and baby pretzels, a nest made of chow mein noodles, an oreo owl, fruit stack city buildings and can you believe I found Australian animal cookies?!
Mac was super excited to eat his Katie lunch, and it really helped him to get into the story.  There is actually a group of moms who muffin tin for their kids each week.  They have a blog where you can see pictures and the theme of the week.  We has so much fun with this idea that I'm already planning our Corduroy lunch!

And least I forget, Homeschool Share has some cute activities to go along with Katie No Pocket, and We added an animal matching game from Nick Jr. and  Kiz Club too.


Bethany said...

So cute! The lunch reminds me of Muffin Tin Monday, I did it a few times in the summer while nannying and the kids LOVED it :)

Michelle said...

We are going to be starting Katy No Pocket next week and are looking forward to it.