Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Matthew Updated and Updated Again!

My little buddy is still struggling.  I chatted with his mama today, and while he is off the vent and awake, he is still struggling.  Please pray that he can get healthy enough to come home.  There are plans to take him to see the "big guns" in Minnesota, but he needs to be healthy enough to travel, and I know Jill could use some time at home.  Please continue to pray for his health, and for his mom dad and brothers and sister.  Their blog is here, and I know she'd love to hear encouragement from any of you who are praying for him!

Updating the Update(Friday):  Matthew is back in the PICU, and having seizures again.  If he can not maintain his airway, they will have to put him back on a ventilator.  Any travel plans to Minnesota  are canceled.  His mom is SO frustrated and feeling overwhelmed, and the other kids have been without their mama for several weeks.  Please continue to pray. 

I've added a blog button in the left column.  If you feel lead, please add it to your blog.  I'd love to see Jill's comment box full of encouragement!

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