Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Color Games

When I saw this activity from Teach Mama, I wanted to try it. You take paint sample strips (free!) from a store, cut them apart and let your preschooler sort colors. It's kind of tricky when you get to the blue-green, yellow-green, etc. Even I waffled on a few! But I had an underlying reason too. See, Isaac is color blind, confirmed by an optometrist, inherited from my dad, and I've often thought Mac might be as well. So in addition to being a fun and educational sorting activity, I was curious of the outcome.

So, here's the sorting tins:

This is the yellow and green piles. A few iffy choices:This is pink, blue and purple. Getting a bit odd:And this is gray ( I didn't even know I'd gotten any gray!):Looks like a lot of blues and greens to me! So, My diagnosis is another colorblind Keesler. If you do this activity with your child, please tell me your results so we can compare!


Melis said...

Oooh good idea! How do you know he's color blind? I sometimes suspect my son is because he mixes up blue/green so often, but I can't tell if he's just goofing or really being a turd or truly can't see... maybe I need to get me some paint samples :o)

Keeslermom said...


He has a 50/50 chance because my dad has it and I'm a proven carrier. We had Isaac's confirmed at the eye doc, but not Mac's. yet. He has the most trouble with blue/purple and green/yellow. The test is here:

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

oh I LOVE this activity! I am going to try this one. :)

thanks for the great idea!