Friday, November 13, 2009

Mr. Matthew Update

I think it's about time for a Matthew update.  Matthew and Jill FINALLY made it to Minnesota to see the big guns.  It took a lot of patience and persistence on Jill's part, and the payoff is that they are where the work can really begin.  The bad news is that the work is just getting started. 

It's been 18 days since they checked in, not counting the H1N1 and pnumonia stays, and I can just imagine how bad it feels as this drags on.  The docs there are struggling to find the right meds in the right doses, and Matthew is still having siezures.  Then next step is the ketogenic diet, which is a gamble, not only for his brain, but his kidneys too.  Please pray for healing and protection for Matthew's little brain and body.  Pleas pray the doctors know just what to do.  Please pray for Daddy and the kids still home without their wife and mom, brother and son.  Please pray them home SOON!

Please stop by their blog and keep up with Matthew's status and send Jill an encouraging word or bible verse.

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