Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pickiness Overcome?

Because we had a late breakfast, followed by a late, and large, lunch, we decided to head to Village Inn for dinner, and just partake of their free pie offer. I know, not the best mommy thing to do, but sometimes fun has to come first! As we perused the pie options, Mmming and discussing how many bites of who's pie we'd each try, Mac steadfastly stuck to his decision. He was eating peanut butter cup pie, and nothing else. About 5 bites in, he turns to me, beaming, and says "Mom, I tasted a new thing tonight!"

Yes, Oh great king of picky eating, you did.


missy said...

way to go, MAC!

asian~treasures said...

Good for him! Now, you can use peanut butter cup pie as a bribe, if needed. : )