Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Challenge

When I read this post about a mom challenging her kids to read through the bible, I was intrigued. While my kids have had the bible read to them, they've never really stuck to the commitment to read through it themselves. So, I did it! I offered them $100 dollars to read, by themselves, with no reminding from mom, the ENTIRE bible.

Isaac is going to read the NLT bible for teens, as soon as it arrives. Emma is reading the Adventure Bible, and has a great start, and Ellie, who has been reading less than a year, got The Beginner Bible.

I expected this project to take months, maybe the whole school year, so imagine my surprise to hear, after 3 days, "Mom, I'm done!" as Ellie hands me her bible! She read the WHOLE THING in 3 days!!

No, she didn't get the $100, but she did get a trip to our favorite toy store for a Calico Critter shopping spree, and her very own, brand new bible!

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