Saturday, October 17, 2009

Butterly Pavilion

We love the Butterfly Pavilion! My kids consistently ask (demand)to go there when we are in Colorado. I can see, right now, you are having visions of cuteness. Beautiful and elegant butterflies, a luscious jungle garden, my sweet, gentle children walking softly through......Yup, they have that, but it's just the cake. The icing is watching the white eyed assassin bugs eat crickets, the cases of venomous black widow spiders, holding a real, alive TARANTULA!!! Now that's why we really go!

----------------------------Wanna see it bigger? Click on the pic!

Many years ago, while visiting, I offered to buy the kids hissing cockroaches when we saw them for sale here, and those silly kids wouldn't let me! Said they were too gross! Now that we own our own private bug zoo, they wanted me to buy them a baby tarantula! The hissers were $5 a pair, WAY less than we paid for Becky. Made me feel dumb for paying as much as we did, but can you imagine if we'd started with a pair??? Let's see, each mom has 20-80 babies each batch, a new batch every few months........never mind!

Did you know tarantulas can live up to 25 years?

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