Monday, October 19, 2009

Music for Grandma

We took the opportunity to visit my 88 year old grandmother while we were in Colorado. She always takes us to a buffet place, and my kids love it there. All you can eat kid food, with all you can eat ice cream after? I think my kids vision of heaven involves a Country Buffet. I challenged the kids to take the opportunity to try a new food. Isaac now knows he likes baked beans, Emma likes baked white fish, but Ellie did not. Mac's new food was pizza. Pizza. I seem to remember him eating that sometime in the past, but he insists it's new. He says it had peperoni on it. He didn't EAT the peperoni, but it was there, so new food, right????

My grandmother is a great pianist, and we try to get the kids to play for her when we visit. She's losing her memory, and forgets that they play each time we go visit, so she thinks they are AMAZING beginners every time!

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