Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jungle Quest-The Return!

On a typical morning, when the Keesler crowd is asked to don appropriate foot gear, there is a lot of commotion. Imagine greyhounds trying to hula hoop. Lots of movement, lots of noise, chaos everywhere, no actual progress made. There are strong protestations made against the cruelty of sock wearing as torture. There are valiant struggles, man against shoestring, and impassioned declarations made that snow boots and flip flops are appropriate year round foot wear.

On the day that I announce we will be leaving shortly to go to Jungle Quest, there is quiet efficiency. There are siblings working in cooperation to securely fasten less talented siblings shoe strings. There are no protestations made regarding torturous sock requirements, no voices raised at the injustice against flip flops.

Oh, that we could live at Jungle Quest!The best part is, they are usually so exhausted at the end, that they are happy to leave too!

This picture I knew I must post separately, not as a part of the total cuteness package shown above. This is a picture of my mother. Yes, she went with us to Jungle Quest. Yes, she geared up. Yes, she dangled from ropes and zip lined with the kids. Yes, she is upside down. I'm so proud!Nope, not one kid could get themselves upside down.
You knew I got my personality from somewhere, right?


missy said...

i SO want to meet that lady!

Katie S. said...

awesome! i hope i'm a fun grandma like her some day!

asian~treasures said...

FUN!! Surely that picture of Nana should be included with her Christmas cards. : )

The Soldatke family said...

That looks so fun!! I can't believe your mother is upside down!!

Bethany said...

That looks like a really fun place! I can't believe your mom!