Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fine Dining

Here at Casa Keesler, we like to keep our mealtime conversations at a certain level of sophistication. We like to discuss current events, and famous composers, great works of art and politics. Tonight's discussion was of such a high caliber I could not stop myself from sharing.

We started out being educated in the fine facts of honey production, and that by all rights it should be called "Bee Vomit". We then proceeded into a lively discussion on how Spiderman goes potty when he's wearing his suit. This topic slowly moved on to how Darth Vadar potties, and what he would sound like when constipated. We finished this find discussion with a long tribute to Chewbaca's flatulence. Please feel free to take this lesson in proper dining etiquette and apply to your own households.


Anne Basso said...

That sounds like dinner at our house! LOL

Shawnda said...

Hi Keelser Chaos, I came across your site through another site and saw that you too have a 13 year old Aspie. My son is 13 and has Asperger's Syndrome too. I have a question for you...where do you get the cute little scrapbooking templates for your blog? It is adorable!!!!