Thursday, May 7, 2009

Summer School

We got a shipment of books for school in the mail today, and our mail lady stopped to chat. The kids were very excited to get the box opened, so I ripped it open on the porch, and everyone grabbed a few books and ran off. The mail lady was so amazed that any kid could get so excited about school books! She asked why we were getting books now, so close to summer, so I had to explain that we school year round, 4 days a week.

I love this schedule! I love the freedom of taking a day off when we need one, time for outings, field trips, Dr. appointments, and no worries about missing school. I love that we fill up our summer mornings while we are waiting for the pool to open, or the hot afternoons after spending the morning at the park.

So here's the summer line up:
Isaac-Viking lapbook (Not that he'll learn anything he doesn't already know!) followed by Inca/Maya lapbook. Teaching mom how to divide fractions again, essay writing.

Emma-Weaving and sewing unit( she got a sewing machine!), Both she and Isaac continuing American history and astronomy. Both reading up on Yellowstone.

Ellie-Cinderella Unit & lapbook, reading me bedtime stories, crashing Mac's school time, learning to swim, art with Emma.

Mac-Tot School, Bugs unit (again!, we're hatching mantises this year, and attempting to find snails), lots of dressing up and making lego creations.

All this after a trip to Idaho to see Uncle Danny get married, and a stop at Yellowstone. So, what are your summer plans?

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