Friday, May 8, 2009

Penultimate Pickiness

My son is the pickiest child on the planet.

This is the same kid who carries bugs around, talking to them, lip to lip. The kid who will eat candy off the floor. The kid who licks the living room window.

Last night, we fought it out. I threw down the gauntlet. He MUST try an ENTIRE piece of corn. Not just lick it, not spit it out, EAT IT! He would not be given anything else to eat until he tried a new thing. Any new thing!

He has not eaten for 31 hours.

He did not try peas. He did not try corn. He did not try applesauce, yogurt, apples, mandarin oranges, jello, pears, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, broccoli, squash, or peaches. You know how all the parenting books say that children have to be introduce to a new food 30 times before they will try? He's FOUR, and has never tried any of these, although they've been served to him HUNDREDS of times.

He did inform me that he'd be delighted to try Easy Mac.

So, on his plate tonight is: one corn, one pea, a half teaspoon of assorted this and that, and ketchup(that was Ellie's idea. She'll eat anything covered with ketchup.). I hope he manages to gag down something!!!!


asian~treasures said...

So, inquiring minds want to know...did he gag something down or just gag????


Keesler Chaos said...

Nope, didn't eat a thing! Woke up in the night crying "I'm so hungry." Broke my heart. Next day, ate :carrots (twice) applesauce, and, at his own request, beans in his burrito! Liked the burrito, nothing else. I just hope tho willingness lasts!

asian~treasures said...

Hooray!! Way to go, picky boy! : )

asian~treasures said...

Hooray!! Way to go, picky boy! : )