Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ready, Set, Done!

We saw the Neurologist this morning. I cant believe that after crying last week, because we were going to have to wait 6 MONTHS, then feeling the relief that we only had to wait 3 months, that we ended up there TODAY!!! We saw the doc from Lincoln, not Omaha. He was very nice, did a through exam, asked tons of questions, and gave his opinion.

He feels that this is a temporary thing, associated with the fact that Isaac has grow so rapidly (2.5 inches this year, and 5 over the last 2 years). He said that Isaac's nervous system, which is immature to begin with(due to the Asperger's), was struggling to keep up with the growth.

What a relief! Isaac and I actually skipped to the car! And then we hit out favorite post St. E's lunch spot, Hu-Hots, for some take out for lunch! This is the place that Isaac obsessed over when he spent a week at St.E's last year, as he could see it from the window. Poor kid could hardly move, and we dragged him in there on an icy day, on crutches, PICC line still attatched. Boy was he happy!

I am going to hang onto the Omaha appointment for a bit, just in case. Either we will use it, if something comes up, or we will bless someone else by canceling, getting them in early!


missy said...

great, great news!!! i can picture the skipping to the cute!

Robyn said...

Praise God!!!

Been praying for you.