Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holy Time Warp Batman!

We went to see the pediatric guy today. He did a pretty through exam, way more than out doc, and Isaac totally loved him. He did such a good job of interacting with Isaac, talking to him instead of me, asking him about the books Isaac had brought to read in the waiting room, just lighthearted and fun. He agrees that we need to see a neurologist, and called to see if he could get us in sooner.

His office called back this afternoon and said they could get us in in March, and if we were willing to take a cancellation, they could get us in TOMORROW! We took it, of course!!! It isn't with the same doc we were scheduled with in June, so I hope this one is as good. My friend Jill recommended the Omaha doc, because she's met them all. We are going to hang onto that June appointment until we see how this one goes, just in case. So, we went from September, to June to Tomorrow!

My friend Janelle is blessing us by coming over here tomorrow to keep the rest of the herd. I can't even imagine taking all of them, it would truly be Keesler Chaos!


missy said...

sounds like a great doctor! so glad you don't have to wait until sept, june or even march. i'll be praying tomorrow.

btw, you know me WAY better than google does!

asian~treasures said...

Tomorrow is WAY better than Sept. & June!! Hope you have good news when all is said & done. Praying that things go well.


The Soldatke family said...

Please email me when you get a chance and tell me how things went! Hoping all is well! Glad you got in sooner!!!