Saturday, February 28, 2009


My heart fills with joy, and my eyes with tears as I follow the journey of my dear friends Sheri and Davis as they FINALLY make the long awaited trip to Vietnam to bring home their daughter. Theirs has been a long haul. After a last minute "miscarriage", they lost their dear son Noah, who was returned to his birth mother just weeks before meeting his about-to-be adoptive family.

As the promise of a quick process to adopt Adria dragged on....and on....and on, we all joined them in fervent prayer that she would be in their arms SOON, and now the day has finally come! My friends are in Vietnam today, right this minute, preparing to meet their darling angel! Their more than 2 year wait is over! You can read about their journey here, and see the pictures of both Adria, and her new brother, and Mac's best friend, Micah, here.

Please join us in prayers of safe travel, a peaceful transition, and PRAISE!

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asian~treasures said...

: ) We're sitting in our hotel...Micah's experiencing jetlag & was WIDE awake at 3:45 yesterday morning & 3:15 this morning. It's currently about 4:40 on Monday morning; we meet Adria in less than 5 hrs!!
Micah's been thrilled to have taken a taxi ride & not have to be in a carseat. We've seen a police car, an ambulance, motorbikes & keep looking for a firetruck.

: )
Sheri...FINALLY in Vietnam!!