Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let it Snow...Let it Snow...Let it Snow

As we sat this morning playing a vicious game of Loot, (ARRRR!) Isaac shouted "It's snowing!" and, as if we'd been waiting for that moment, we threw our card down, and stampeded to the closet to fling on coats, boots and mittens to enjoy the first snow of he season. So, we had school on the run!

First tasting-"Mom, it tastes just like water!"(Ellie)
Does this count as cooking or science?

Followed by P.E. with jumping into the leaves, a good game of chase, and hide & seek using snow tracking skills.

A quick science class, as we examined snowflakes. They look just like the pictures!

And finally, dance class. Did you even know there was a snow dance? Apparently is has a lot of flapping and hiney shaking.

I'm so glad we dumped school and went out! It only lasted an hour, and only too soon the excited exclamations of "Snow!" will be replaced by the groans of "It's snowing again!".

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missy said...

how did it snow there and not here?? great pictures! looks like a fun morning!