Saturday, November 22, 2008

Diligence Prize

I feel I should preface the following story with this information: I am not a big purchaser of convenience foods. With the dietary limitations within our household, they just don't seem that convenient to me, but they hold a strange fascination for my kids, and now.....

I took one of my girls to the grocery store with me this week. I don't often take the kids(can't imagine why!), but this child had earned a special treat, due to her great diligence in completing a particularly disgusting chore. She was coming with me to choose for herself a diligence prize (within a prearranged budget). I expected cheap toys, maybe some chocolate, possibly a new CD. What did this child choose? Pre-made, frozen pancakes! When I questioned her choice, she replied that she would be willing to pay the price difference with her own money if needed.

I bought the pancakes.

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