Monday, November 17, 2008

My Son, The Dropout

So, I signed Mac up for storytime this fall. Not because he particularly wanted to go, mostly to eliminate the guilt I feel for having not taken him to any of the "good mommy" things I did with the others. So when the first day (actually the second, as I had neglected to show up for the first one.) arrived, we went to sign in and get our info sheet. The librarian teaching this class had been one of my favorites, as she seemed to actually like kids, so I felt like there was at least a chance of this going well.

The class began with passing out of name tags, train shaped, much to my Thomas obsessed son's delight. One by one, the librarian held up the tags, and the kids would go up and claim theirs. The girls instantly recognized their names, the boys had no clue. I knew Mac recognized his name, so didn't worry, until he just sat waiting when she held his name up. She called him up to receive his tag, and he insisted it wasn't his name. Why? Because it was not in all capitals. As most of you know, Mac insists his name is spelled in all caps, and will accept no other options.

Feeling like a poor excuse for a homeschooler, I attempted to explain the all caps thing, about O.T. recommends, and homeschool handwriting curriculum, and was interrupted by said librarian. Her reply: "At the library, we do things the RIGHT way." We left.

So, now I will take my excessive overdue fines, and my quirky 3 year old, and we will go home and read stories by ourselves. And to all you librarians, his name is MAC!


missy said...

seriously? the "right" way? i'm in shock???? it's HIS name, i'm pretty sure the way HE spells it makes it the RIGHT way!!!!

asian~treasures said...

Sometimes library story time librarians just don't get it... And, technically, his name isn't even Mac or MAC. : ) Wonder what she'd do with that info.

Sheri---who spells her name with just 1 'r', not 2