Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crock Pot Slow Cooker

I got my first crock pot-or is it a slow cooker?-this week. I know, I know, what decade do I live in?, but I've never owned one until now. It seemed like every recipe I read had something that someone here couldn't (or wouldn't) eat. When I finally got a chance to sit down and look up some GF/CF crock pot recipes, they all had strange ingredients, so, I just never got one.

So, now that I'm on the band wagon, I keep kicking myself for not trying it earlier! We are out of the house 3 afternoons a week this year, and it is so wonderful to walk in the house and smell dinner cooking. It's almost (well OK, not even close, but don't burst my bubble!) like having a cook!

So now, I need more ideas. So far we've done soups, baked potatoes, sloppy joes and taco meat. What else works for your family? Any hints?

Update: I found this AMAZING blog:
This lady is crock potting (is that a word?) EVERY DAY for a YEAR!!! and my favorite part......It's gluten free!! not dairy free, but you can't have everything right?


asian~treasures said...

We call it a crock-pot & I currently have cheesy porkchops in ours. : ) Actually, I have 2...a big one & a smaller one. LOVE THEM!

We do chicken & rice, porkchops, soup, chex mix...lots of things. Do you want recipes?


missy said...

porkchops, cornbread stuffing with the water it calls for, cream of mushroom soup and sliced apples is a yummy crock pot o' mush. it is probably laden with gluten, though. i'm sure most of my meals are.

lol about the "you belong in jail" right back at ya. the idea of sending them back in their lunches had not remotely occurred to me. it will take quite a while to do it piecemeal like that since we do have quite a few. but it sounds better than what i had planned to do which was go into the office with a satchel filled with silverware and a guilt-ridden apology. you are so wise!

i had something important i wanted to tell you, what was it? oh yah...on sunday i'll have to reenact tate when he noticed the hand me down box in the garage.