Friday, October 3, 2008

Gone Buggy

I think the neighbors are beginning to worry about my sanity. We received a new "pet" from a friend (thanks Janelle!) who knows about the bug obsession happening around here. It's a HUGE mantis, and I needed to catch some crickets or grasshoppers for it's lunch. So, picture me, plastic container in hand, wandering around the yard, pouncing on.... something. If I caught one, running into the house, if not wandering around some more. From their view, I must have looked positively loony.

We went to the pet store tonight to get crickets, so I wouldn't have to bug hunt everyday, and was thoroughly educated on cricket care and housing. It cost me $25 for a home, food and 25 crickets. When I exclaimed "All this to feed a bug!" the cashier just replied "The things we do for our pets!" Pet! Its a bug!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, I think my son must be a long lost relative to your family; or at least he's gathered some good ideas from your kiddos! Right now we have 2 chrysallis from tomato hornworms, 1 monarch larvae, 2 spiders, and a really pretty butterfly (we aren't exactly sure which kind it is). All in their own jars that I have strategically vented so they can breath, each one with their own set of leaves, food, etc so they can survive. I'll bet that mantis is awesome!