Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Bug Book

This is Mac's monster
lapbook. Well, it started as a lapbook and ended up a notebook, as it doesn't fit in a file folder. This summer, Mac was TERRIFIED of all bugs, even ants. Not a good thing to be in the summer, so we started a unit study on bugs. Lucky us, the library summer reading program's theme was bugs, so there was lots of info and activities for us.

Lots of this came from Homeschool Share, some we found here and there, some I made myself. We still haven't added the butterfly section, although all the pieces are done, and there is lots of coloring left. The girls will have to help out with that, as Mac seems
be tired of coloring anything.

Result- Mac is not afraid of bugs-he loves bugs! We have several pet bugs in containers on the counter, and read the Pill Bug book every night. He is not afraid of most bugs, although he still hates bees (but so do I!). He loves to ask people what their favorite bug is, not a topic most people have thought about, and wants them to ask him what his favorite is (dragonflies). I know more about bugs than any mommy alive! Did you know mommy rolly-pollys have a pouch that they carry their babies in?

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