Friday, September 12, 2008

Butterfly Pavilion

We visited The Butter-
today. I

LOVE this place! Everything is hands-on, and the bugs are so amazing! Mac, Emma and Ellie all held the tarantuala. Her

name is Rosie.
Emma said it tickled. Isaac and I were not brave enough to try. Spiders freak me out!!

The kids touched "ocean bugs" in the touch tanks. They had starfish, sea cucumbers, a horseshoe crab and sea anemones.
Then we went into the butterfly part. AMAZING! Think a big rainforest with HUGE
butterflies everywhere. It was so humid that my camera stopped working. One butterfly was in love with Mike. It landed on his face, and we shooed it off. Later, when we returned to the same spot, it landed on him again! It crawled all over his mouth drinking the sweat off his skin. Eeww!

And NO, they did not have any hissing cockroaches for sale!!

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