Saturday, September 13, 2008

AAAAhhhhhhh (Tarznan Yell)

So this is Jungle Quest. If they build one by us, we are buying sason passes!! Think Peter Pan, think Mission Impossible, think FUN! Even Mac

tried. There are 3 levels, each with a pair of zip lines and a cliff dive. The kids hook in, and JUMP off the 8-15 foot walls and


Ellie might say she is going to be a princess when she grows up, but I think shes going to be a flame jumper. That girl had NO fear. She just flung herself off the highest cliff. Emma is a champion wall climber.

She climbs like Spiderman. Isaac, my
cautious guy zings with no fear, racing the other kids down the line, and Mac is just too cute in his gear!

Check out the double hitch-Ellie and Em swinging together together and Em and Mac holding hands!

Don't worry Heather, I got Pics of your guys too!

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