Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fencing Fun

We attended the annual fencing club picnic this weekend. A generous fencing family hosts each year, and they have an enormous yard. The kids love to go exploring in the "forest" and there was a rousing game of Robin Hood for quite a while. Mac LOVED the tree swing. He even pushed mommy on the swing for a while. After the picnic and the awards are given, they have an "espada" (I hope I spelled that right!) which is essentially a free range fencing tournament. The assigned judge lays out the rules, like stay on you knees, or my favorite, hide and fence. The favorite traditional bout is on top of a 5 foot tall brick wall. Mike, who is the club president (you have my permission to address him as "Mr. President"), fenced the head coach, with everyone gathered to watch. It was an exciting bout of red light green light, with lots of action and suspense...Mike lost.

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asian~treasures said...

Mr. President...we're so sorry you lost!