Friday, August 29, 2008

We're going to the zoo....zoo...zoo!

We met some friends at the zoo today and had a great time. My legs are SO tired! I love how every time we go there, they are adding on or remodeling. I don't mean the pushing strollers through the construction part! I mean that our wonderful, nationally rated zoo is always getting better. They are always making the homes for the animals nicer, and our visits "more funner" as my like to kids say. We all got to see our favorites, except Ellie's elephants. The elephants are at the top of a very steep hill, and by then we just wanted to hop the trolley for a ride back to the car! The new bug exhibit is OK, although not as nice as the one in Denver, so we will have to hit the Butterfly Pavilion our our next Denver trip. I keep teasing the kids that if they are selling Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches again, I'm bringing some home. I'm really going to. Those little guys are so cute-for a bug I mean!

There were divers in the tanks at the aquarium today. It was fun to see them in their dive suits cleaning tanks. We kept teasing the kids about how much harder it is to vacuum underwater. The tank with the fish that swim around and around, the one next to the jellyfish, had a guy in washing walls. He kept doing silly thing to make the kids laugh. Mac was especial intrigued by him, "What is he doing? How did he get in there?". And the diver kept being silly! He was making faces and doing tricks. I had to pry Mac away so the poor guy could finish his job!

Overall, a successful trip. It was nice to go when everyone else was at school, not so crowded, more adults than kids, and a surprising number of adults with no kids at all. I hope I never outgrow the zoo!

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Emiley said...

Looks very fun!! Wish we could have gone with you guys! I TOTALLY relate to not wanting to climb the hill to the elephants - it's a killer! :-)