Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Texas Done

We started the morning

with Texas waffles.

These might, maybe, hold

some sentimentality for

a certain mama

who always remembers

our trip to get our baby

and eating these.
 Then off for our adventure!

 Every shot is an action shot form this moment

on because these boys ran

and ran

and ran
 The bounce house place was the perfect

location for two busy boys!
 And just like that, it was time

to say goodbye.

I am unimaginable happy at how well this visit went!

It was a whirlwind,

but I really feel like

any longer would have been too much.

I'm also so glad the brothers got to

REALLY connect,

And Babycakes also

made some nice connections with Mama E,

which was really touching to see.

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