Monday, February 8, 2016

Moving III

After our exciting evening,

we headed to a hotel,

where we decided the events of

the evening were going to be a

REALLY funny story


The next day,

Hubs calls and the power & gas company,

and they generously agree

to come turn us back on,

for a small fee.

And mere moments after the truck arrives

so does the power guy!

Unfortunately, he had to go to an emergency,

before he could turn on our gas,

so we had no heat for the rest of the day.



at 8:00 at night,

he came back and we were able to warm up.

Luckily, the girls found

a space heater amongst the chaos,

so we kept the kids,

and our Madagascar hissing cockraoch

warm and happy

until the heat arrived.

I'm exhausted,

and ready for all this to be over.

If only we had unpackers

to follow the packers!

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