Saturday, February 6, 2016

Moving II

We're in!

I just had to share the tale of our first

night here.

I was in our van with Princess, Buddy, Babycakes

and Milo the Wonder Cat.

Milo is not a happy traveler.

Not even a little bit.

So much so that Mimi

chose to stay behind with Hubs

and travel in his car

to avoid listening

to the yowling

for four very long hours.

So, we finally reach our

new house,

and I pull Babycakes out of the van

and notice he's completely soaked.

No worries,

we'll change him inside!

Princess grabs the cat,

and we head up to the door

where I here a horrible

screeching sound coming from our

new house.

I open the door to every fire alarm

going off in chorus.

I fumble in the darkness for a light switch,

and nothing.

No light,

no matter which switch I hit.

I send the kids

and the cat

back to the van

and call Hubs.

Luckily, Hubs has a work friend

that lives

minutes from the house,

 and he rushes over to yank

the batteries from the alarms,

bringing blessed silence.

I drag my crowd back in,

deposit the cat and his

gear in a bathroom, and shut him in,

change Mr. Soggy Pants,

and realize that the cooler full of

fridge food that I brought

was going to have to stay in the cooler.

And what do I find hanging on the doorknob?

A shut off notice!

It turns out that instead of

transferring the power and gas,

the previous owner

had them come and SHUT IT ALL OFF!

So, I give them a call,

and they are happy to make an appointment

for Monday.

Today is Friday.

The truck,

with the contents of my house

will be here at the crack of dawn,

and we have no light,

or heat.

To be continued.....

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Sheri Quirie said...

Oh my word!!! We need to have that girl's night. Cannot wait to hear what happens next!!!