Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Interesting Things





First:  We still don't have a

"leave by" date,

which is making me nervous.

They are not going to let Hubs take his new job

until they have found a replacement.

It's too close to the holiday season

to leave a retail store without a captain,

so, we wait.

This isn't necessarily bad,

as it's giving me extra time to get the house ready,

but it will mean Hubs

will have to report to his new position

quite a while before we will be able to get there.

The kids and I will stay behind,

while he heads to our new "hometown"

to get started on his new job,

while we stay behind.

That means I will be single parenting

while getting the house ready,

and then trying to keep it show ready,

while living in it with kids who

are home all day,

every day.

The second:  We may be able

to take our foster care training

to a new agency once we are moved.

Since our training hours are so new,

less than a year,

and they use the same training program,

we might be able to apply them in our new state!

Now that would be wonderful!

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